I’m a big fan of food writing. The backstory behind what, why and how food is eaten is both an interest and a passion. This may have to do with my travels in Italy with our Italian family and friends where food is a national treasure. It definitely has to do with childhood memories of  family gatherings where food was the centerpiece of the celebration.

Vietri dinner plate
Renna – Made of terra bianca and handpainted in Umbria. Vietri.

Eating, shopping, cooking and traveling in Italy with our Italian family and friends I’ve learned that every plate of food and every bottle of wine brings life to the Italian table. I’ve come to realize the pivotal place food has in Italian culture. Italians take time and effort to prepare a well-laid table where there is beauty and grace in the smallest detail. Meals are an essential part of Italian life. Not that they obsess about food or over indulge. Italians truly value food and its preparation. Without saying a word, season after season food is a vehicle for the transmission of culture and generational traditions and this is never more meaningful than during the holidays.

So take time this holiday season to enjoy and write about the foods that are part of your holiday celebrations. They are part of your gastro-history with generational family recipes that bring meaning to what you eat. Transform your meals into writing experiences, not just with a list of ingredients but with the actions and memories that surround the preparation of the meal and the reasons why your family chooses to cook and entertain the way you do. Plan a holiday food album with pictures from past and present meals, recipes and remembrances to share. Technology and the Internet  make this a fun and easy way to connect. Programs like Evernote Food  help you collect and remember your life’s memorable food moments. On Pinterest you can create a “pinboard” with your favorite recipes and family traditions. Doing so keeps the warmth and generosity of the tables of your family and friends alive.

For when all is said and done “taste and smell alone, more fragile, more enduring, more unsubstantial, more persistent, more faithful, remain poised a long time, like souls, remembering, waiting, hoping, amid the ruins of all the rest  . . . the vast structure or recollection” of life.

Quote taken from Marcel Proust.



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