louise-wade-aeroplane-braceletThe age of the tourist is over. Anthony Bourdain’s now infamous challenge to “be a traveler not a tourist” resonates with a new generation of travelers who want to remove the word “vacant” from vacation. Time and money well spent on a trip requires it to be more than a “show and tell” tour. Travelers look for the backstory,walking into a postcard rather than buying a postcard, taking time to see and savor the country and its people. A tourist often looks at the scene, a traveler wants to be in the scene. Travel need not be far and wide, nor expensive, nor complicated but it should be imaginative. Don’t settle for the trip du jour or boxed set. That’s not to say you shouldn’t see the Coliseum in Rome or the Milan Duomo. It just means that travelers move slightly outside the box up on the roof of the Duomo or eating at a Roman ristorante like Da Pancrazio built over the ruins of the Theatre of Pompey where Julius Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March in 44 B.C. It can take some doing to find the right travel experience but you will find it well worth the effort.





2 thoughts on “Tourist vs Traveler

  1. I see a lot of checklist tourism in my travels which misses the point as far as I’m concerned. Its not just about seeing the Colosseum, its about learning who built it and how, its about understanding how it fit into Roman society and why its still standing today. Fascinating!


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