map of florenceIf the pater noster of Italy is Rome, than Florence in Tuscany is assuredly its beautiful and famous daughter. Listed by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the Best Cities in the World for the collective experience of travelers, Florence is definitely on the A-list of desirable world travel destinations. The paparazzi have been following Rome’s famous daughter around since the 1200’s when Florence became a leading economic city in Tuscany and never looked back. In the 15th century, the powerful and influential Medici created a dynasty that would define the history and culture of Florence for the next two and a half centuries. Their passion for the arts, literature and learning created an intellectual and economic rebirth with larger than life personalities. Florence and the Medici ate, drank and made merry and some would say led Italy into the Renaissance.
The larger than life personality of Florence attracts an entourage of followers. With a flood of information on the internet, TV and social media you won’t be at a loss for travel suggestions when visiting one of Italy’s most popular stars. Don’t let Florence’s larger than life personality distract you from taking the time to relish and enjoy the city.  It took me 5 trips to Florence before I began to understand, experience and appreciate the true beauty of this remarkable place. So choose to see what you can of Florence, then you will return to see more. After all Dante called Florence the “beautiful and famous daughter of Rome” and as you know Rome wasn’t built in a day.



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