The Medici, Magi and “Opus Benozzo”

The fatal charm of Italy is never more felt than during the Christmas holidays. Like a Renaissance painting the holiday season in Italy unfolds with symbolism and dazzling scenes that remind us of the story of the birth of Christ . Some hidden away throughout the year are again visually unwrapped to be pondered anew. … Continue reading The Medici, Magi and “Opus Benozzo”


A Neapolitan Nativity

Christmas Eve I saw the Neapolitan Creche at the Art Institute of Chicago. On display until January 11th it is a mesmerizing artistic cacophony of the secular and spiritual scene surrounding the birth of Christ from the perspective of contemporary Neapolitan life in the mid 18th century. A Nativity injected into Neapolitan street life made … Continue reading A Neapolitan Nativity