Light My Fire Italian Style

fireworks Festa-del-Redentorefireworks in italy

As we prepare to start the 4th of July with a bang, I’m reminded of some of Italy’s most famous “fuochi d’artifico” (artificial fire) displays. Although the Chinese are credited with the invention of fireworks, the Italians are known for fireworks both in Italy and abroad. In the late 1800’s Italian immigrants brought firework spectacles to the US with the pyrotechnic skills of families like the Grucci and Zambelli  know for skyline fireworks in some of America’s most famous cities and monuments, gala events and national July 4th celebrations.

Varying accounts note that the Crusaders or Marco Polo introduced fireworks to Europe via Italy and if that be the case then the legacy of Italy’s “fire masters” is most brilliantly displayed in Venice’s Redentore. Between the third Saturday of July and the Sunday after, La Serenissima celebrates with a festival of spectacular fireworks, gondola races and parties that commemorate the city’s redemption (redentore) from a terrible plague. During the festival a religious procession to the Church of the Redentore on the island of Giudecca is made by pilgrims crossing a 330 meter long pontoon bridge. The canals are glittering with boats decorated with branches, lanterns and balloons as hundreds of Venetians and tourists gather to celebrate the famous night of fireworks.

Watch this video to see a fireworks factory in Italy.