Italian Addendums

First written in 2013 as Alpha Italy and decided it was time to update. So look for the current addendum at the end. There are some things in Italy that are over the top, the star of the group, the best investment, the cherry on the sundae, the Alpha experience of your travels. Counting backwards to 1999 when … Continue reading Italian Addendums


The Scarlet Letter of Italy

  Few letters may be as important as the letter A – the first letter of the alphabet, the first vowel, the alpha of omega, the grade we all strive for. Whether emblazoned in literary history as Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter or branded as Apple, Apollo or Abercrombie, the letter A stands out as something special. The … Continue reading The Scarlet Letter of Italy

La Ultima Cena – Dinner with Friends on Thursday

  No one can deny the powerful visual presence of da Vinci’s Last Supper, Il Cenacolo, the 15' X 29' fresco-like painting on the wall of the Dominican refectory in the Church of Santa Marie delle Grazie in Milan, Italy.  Completed in 1498 it is a powerful “take-your-breath away” moment depicting the last days spent with Christ and his … Continue reading La Ultima Cena – Dinner with Friends on Thursday

An Italian Painter’s Scrambled Eggs Insalata

Inspired by the 16th century Italian painter Jacopo Carucci (Jacopo da Pontormo) Cesare Casella, chef and dean of Italian Studies at the International Culinary Center combines the bright acid of vinegar and wine, salty pancetta, cold crisp lettuce greens and soft scrambled eggs to create a substantial wintertime salad. With typical Italian sprezzatura , Carucci employs a studied … Continue reading An Italian Painter’s Scrambled Eggs Insalata