Panettone, Paneforte and Prosecco

Buon Natale! Christmas is almost here and in Italy that means a delightful selection of unique sweets. In Northern Italy every holiday season Italians line up at the local pasticerria to buy panettone, the traditional Milanese cake-like bread so loved by Italians that they are willing to stand in line when they see the tall … Continue reading Panettone, Paneforte and Prosecco


Be an Interested Travel Friend

Sharing stories about your experiences has always been a touchstone of our human existence. The flickering fires of primitive times lit the faces of our ancestors with excitement and anticipation as the tribal storyteller told of heroic events, dreams and desires that created a collective memory passed down from generation to generation. People found their … Continue reading Be an Interested Travel Friend

It’s Not Christmas in Italy Until . . .

Every country has certain rituals and traditions that give meaning to the 1950’s classic holiday song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. For most it probably has to do with putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. In Italy setting up il presepe is what creates that Christmas feeling. Il presepe (presepio) is … Continue reading It’s Not Christmas in Italy Until . . .