Milan’s Cathedrals of High Fashion

Napoleon who said to his troops "Follow me to Italy where there are opulent towns with clothing stores on every block" and his troops cried out in one voice "Vive l'Empereur". Shopping in Italy is like shopping no where else.  Italian manufacturers and artisans present you with products made by that "fine Italian hand".  One of … Continue reading Milan’s Cathedrals of High Fashion


How Time Flys

Come vola il tempo. How time flies and how can we manage our time better in the New Year to balance work with relaxation.  Traveling in Italy and staying with my Italian family and friends has led me to believe that they seem to know how to balance work and relaxation. They go through the day with a … Continue reading How Time Flys

Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

Making coffee in Italy is an art but growing coffee depends on a botanical landscape far removed from the coffee bars of Milan, Rome or Venice. The life of every town, village or borgo in Italy begins with un caffé and while Italians have perfected the roasting and brewing of coffee they rely on latitudes … Continue reading Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

The Most Famous Comic Strip in Italy

When I was first met Rita at Castello Gropparello we visited over Piacenza cuisine, castles, Celtic legends and Italian ghosts. General conversation for a woman who together with her family have transformed a medieval castle and surrounding wood into one of Italy's top gastro-historical sites with food festivals and evocative events. Rita's esthetic is for … Continue reading The Most Famous Comic Strip in Italy

Chosen Cheese

Behind every cheese there is a meadow, of varying green under a varying sky. There are different herds with their stalls; And transhumance;There are secrets of works transmitted over the centuries . . . Italo Calvino One of the fatal charms of Italy is the food, subset cheese. From Asiago to Unriaco Prosecco the textures, flavors … Continue reading Chosen Cheese